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This Hostican hosting server is loading fast, and showing a fast server response of below 1 second time. For more speed test reports and server uptime report, refer to more posting in this hostican review blog.

How does one become a successful affiliate in the niche markets using web hosting?

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida - (The Hosting News) - April 29, 2008 - Hostopia web hosting company, has made a definitive agreement to purchase the customer assets of New Jersey-based hosting services provider, uplinkearth.

Go Daddy’s CEO and Founder recently unveiled his latest venture into new media with www.BobParsons.tv, featuring Mr. Parsons’ commentary, invites criticism and addresses topics ranging from Internet industry issues, to business decisions, company controversies or relevant subjects in the news with the help of video clips and other multimedia elements.

Business Websites

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Business Website Tips

Business Websites - WebsiteMaven.comBusinesses have several motivations for building business websites. For some, the Internet is their only customer base, for others they want to promote professional services and add to an existing clientele. There may be different needs and motivations but there are some common characteristics for successful business websites that all businesses ought to take note of.

Content - This should be the up-front consideration. Many spend a long time making a web site look pretty but the key to a successful site that, both customers and search engines like, is good content that informs the reader and "tells" the search engine bots what your site is about. Your aiming point should be a site that informs, puts you in a niche, makes people want to reference you and come back. Graphics are nice but the most successful sites on the Internet are nearly completely text based. Some business web sites look fantastic with tons of eye grabbing stuff but if they fail to deliver content then, unless it is a marquee name, it will be primarily a piece of art for the company to admire and be of little use in driving new customers their way through search engines. Remember: content, content, content!

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